05 Jun How she responded to body shaming was priceless



JUAN SAYS: To say that men have already advanced in the way they think or the way they see the world is already stretching it. While many of us are comfortable knowing that the men we date or the men we married are as progressive as we hoped them to be, there are still a good number of them who seem to live in the Jurassic era (and we are NOT talking about their bathing habits). We found this article on the internet and we are exhaustively annoyed, heck, angered by how this man seem to think that he has all the right in the world to call someone out and tell her straight out to lose weight. Sandali, who died and made him the authority? We understand the preferences of men because women too have their own preferences. However, no matter how this guy tried to sugar coat what he was trying to say, it is still an unsolicited advice. Nobody appreciates an unsolicited advice, seriously. And what we found funny was the fact that he even threw himself in saying that he would want to date the girl, get to know her more IF she lost weight. Siya na ang nakikitingin, siya pa ang may ganang magcomment? Napaka feeling naman nitong si kuya na siguro ang daming time para mag stalk sa profile ng may profile.





But what this guy forgot was the fact that women now know how to fight back. We may not say anything directly when you insult us, but expect that when you break our hearts, our spirit and our souls, you would be all over the internet, and most women will come to the shamed woman’s aid and spread your insensitivity like SALOT.

 So ladies, the next time a guy tells you you’re too much, let the idiot go.

 We don’t need idiots in our lives. We need real men.


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