08 May How Gerphil got robbed in Pilipinas Got Talent: Minsan Judges, Minsan Tanga



JUAN SAYS: Philippines loss is Asia’s gain. Gerphil Flores once joined Pilipinas Got Talent and lost because of people who wanted her to sing “age appropriate” songs and ditch classical music (we are looking at you Kris Aquino)! If there is one thing we can learn from Gerphil Flores is that one must take a stand in one’s talent. She chose opera and opera has loved her ever since. Now she is a few votes away from great redemption, a victory that would really be a slap across the faces of some people who think they know better. Sabi nga sa title: Minsan Judges, Minsan Tanga.
She said it best in this video:

We are glad for people like Gerphil who are not swayed by supposedly “knowledgeable” judges to change her repertoire or second guess herself and her talents. We are grateful that she stuck by her guns no matter how others may think. Sometimes being deaf to advice is the way to go. We are glad that Gerphil didn’t listen. Kumporme naman kasi kung sino ang nagbibigay ng advice. Sure Kris Aquino and Ai Ai have careers but none of them are real singers and performers onstage. Yung legit ha. Legit. Kung si Lea Salonga pa yan, yon may kredibilidad!

The problem with Pilipinas Got Talent judges is that they were looking for the “sale-ability” of the talent and not the talent itself. Eh ano nga naman ang magagawa natin? Showbiz kasi kaya pera-pera na lang talaga. They would just want to stick to the formula and not wrack their brains on how to package a talent as big as this. It is the challenge of marketing professionals, of talent managers to recognize a talent and see it for its rawness and not just focus on the bank-ability of the talent per se. Yan na kasi ang nakagawi natin. Our teleseryes are no different. Our noontime shows are no different. Our afternoon shows are no different from what they all were some 20 years ago. Kasi ito ang bumebenta sa publiko. Kasi ito ang kinakagat ng publiko.
And we here in JUAN think that those reasons are just bullshit. Tamad kasi kayong gumawa ng bagong marketing plan. Tamad kasi kayong magpasok ng bagong ideya sa masang Pilipino kaya pilit nating pinapakain ng basura ang mga ito sa mga sinasabi nating “likha” at “talento.” Just because it is non-conventional does it mean it is NOT talent. And just because it is non-conventional does it mean it is not relatable. And not because it is OPERA does it mean that no one understands it. Sometimes you don’t need to know the words, you just have to see how it is performed. Hirap sayo sanay ka sa pasigaw-sigaw lang sa pelikula, akala mo talent na yun. Lech!
It is not to say that the network, the judges and everybody of influence in Pilipinas Got Talent didn’t appreciate Gerphil’s voice, they did. But the focus of the supposed talent show was NOT on the talent, but on how to sell the talent to the fans. We have become too afraid of introducing or shall we say re-introducing a different genre into our roster because there is a 50-50 chance of selling it. At the end of the day, it was never about talent, it was never about performance, it was just about marketing and how to make money on the so-called discovered talents. Kaya basura formula all the way! And we are all complaining why the “masa” thinks the way they do?
So today we are grateful for people like Gerphil. Yes girl, no one, not even a Kris Aquino can bring you down. Hindi lang siya ang anak ng Diyos.



Posted by TALENTED AKO on Thursday, May 7, 2015

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