16 Mar Hong Inet!



Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all busy bustling for Christmas gifts? And look at where we are now. The end of Q1 for most businesses, the start of summer for all of us. Heat waves, cars breaking down, sweat and more sweat are all in order. The heat is on as the song goes. The furnace was turned up a notch higher for us in JUAN, and this time, we are growing.


Three years ago, the summer season was the biggest for JUAN. It was at this time that we hit our first viral story, that of Kat Alano’s “Kat Alano Breaks Her Silence” with 60,000 facebook shares. A year after, we made a grave critique of Mich Liggayu on the last days of her boyfriend with the story “The Art of Handling Grief” that sent the website crashing down with 179,000 facebook shares. Little by little, our sweat was trickling down our backs thinking what is next for JUAN?

We were once upon a time the people who went against the grain, but today, many people are doing that for us. We couldn’t be any more proud. Maybe, we were the catalyst for people to finally speak their minds and take a stand on issues. We are proud of those who have managed to come out of their shells and react. Finally. People are no longer shy to say their piece, and they have, to our assessment found their inner voices. But then again, our facebook timelines are already filled with people talking, with harsh words and sometimes uneducated reactions to things that can be considered non-issues. Have we encouraged monsters to come out and pounce on every issue that they can get their hands on?

This season, JUAN takes a new route. An introspect of ourselves on how we formulate our heated arguments. We would like to go back to our very core and ask ourselves the hard hitting questions. Where do we really stand? More importantly, where do we get the gall and the guts to formulate our opinions and whatever it is we stand for? While there are certain things that we have been fleetingly believed in, there will be things that we would be willing to stand up for, no matter if we are alone. And what these things are? Maybe the same as yours, or those values that you were once taught at home by your parents and your grandparents. JUAN today will serve as a reminder to all of us that good values and good nature will never run out of style.

In the next issues of JUAN, the core of our beings will be exposed. Finally, we will speak from the heart no longer caring about the pulse of the people; no longer caring if our ideas and principles will be accepted by the majority. We will again, speak from the heart, without a taint of influence from what we read on social media or the popular opinion of many.

We speak guided by our moral compass, the one thing which we at JUAN feel that many have forgotten.

It’s summer! Be prepared to take the heat.


Sisa Zaragoza


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