23 Nov Hidden Truths About Success



JUAN SAYS: Success is never success when it is not shared. Jack Ma may not be sharing his trade secrets but sharing what he has learned from his journey to what he is today shortens our very own journey to success. A balance of life and work? We have heard it so many times, but how come we still clock in more than 8 hours of work everyday, forgetting our life passions, neglecting those we love the most – our spouses and our children. This cycle makes you wonder, how can work occupy too much of our time that we just let life pass us by.


Here are pieces of advice from Jack Ma, China’s most successful business man which we want everyone to read and take to heart.

On developing ideas
• If 90% of those present at a business meeting vote in favor of one or other suggestion, I’ll always throw it out. The reason for this is simple: If everyone present can see the opportunity here, then the chances are lots of different companies are already working on the same idea, and we won’t be able to lead the way in it.

JUAN’S VERSION: Don’t make another “me too” project.

On what not to do

• In 2001, I made a mistake. I told my employees who had founded the company with me that the limit of their career growth was the managerial level. I thought that I needed to have professionals on my side. Year later, and none of those professionals work for us, whereas those whom I doubted had the potential to go far are now my vice-presidents.

• The worst qualities an entrepreneur can have are: snobbishness, an inability to understand the situation properly, adopt a high tempo of work without having the ability to sustain it in the long-term, and not possessing the ability to see what’s going to happen next.

• One principle guides me: your attitude towards work and the decisions which you take are more important than your abilities.

JUAN VERSION: Learning is one thing (your seminars, your masteral degrees). But when not put in use, it is nothing but a piece of sh**!

On complaints
• Nothing terrible will happen if you occasionally allow yourself to complain.

• Falling into depression and constantly complaining about the state of your life is no less destructive than alcoholism. It’s the same dangerous situation: the more you do it, the worse it gets. Successful people don’t have these kind of problems.

JUAN SAYS: Complaining occasionally is one thing. But being the “complaints department” is another thing.

Advice for youth

• What does real failure mean? It means when you keep fighting for what you want.

• What does adaptability mean? You’ll understand when you experience failure and disappointment.

• What are you obliged to do? You’re obliged to work as hard as you can and be more ambitious than others.

• Only fools talk out of their mouths. Intelligent people speak to themselves only in their head; wise people only in their hearts.

JUAN’S VERSION: Money talks. Results talk. Bullshit walks. So walk the talk.

On living life to the full
• Sooner or later, you’ll regret it if you spend all of your time at work.


• I’m always reminding myself that none of us were born in order to work, but instead to enjoy life. We’re here to help make other people’s lives better, and not spend all our time working.

JUAN’S VERSION: ok we don’t have another version. This just gets our AMEN!

On competition and competitors

• Competition is like a game of chess. If you lose once, you’ll always have another chance to win. And you don’t have to fight about it when you lose the current round.

• If your competitor is weaker than you, you should still see him as an equal. This works the other way, of course: even if you’re opponent is stronger than you, don’t be afraid of him.

• A real entrepreneur has no enemies. When you understand this, no one can stop you.

JUAN’S VERSION: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Advice to entrepreneurs

• Clients are number one. Employees are number two. Shareholders come after both of these categories in importance.

• Instead of looking for quick solutions and ready-made schemes, concentrate on establishing stability and promising long-term plans.

• Today might be tough, tomorrow might be worse. But the day after will be wonderful.

JUAN’S VERSION: Press on no matter what.

On setting up your own business

• When you start your own business, this means you’re giving up a stable income, as well as annual bonuses.

• On the other hand, your income will be unrestricted, you’ll make use of your time much more effectively, and you won’t have to ask anyone else for permission to do something.

• When searching for a partner, you should always look for someone who adds to your abilities and knowledge. You don’t need someone who’s already been successful at anything in particular.

• Do your best to make sure your employees come to work every day with smiles on their faces.

JUAN’S VERSION: Setting up your own business/company and actually making it work is only for the brave. Check yourself once or twice, are you brave enough to take on the challenge?

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