07 Jun Haters Gonna Hate



JUAN SAYS: Unlike Atty. Bruce, we are no Duterte supporter. But we do get it. He won. He was voted by 16 million Filipinos, and no matter how much we tumble in our sleep, the fact is, we are all stuck with Duterte for the next six years. And as better citizens of this country (much like most of the “elite” project themselves to be), there is only one thing that we can do: follow our duly elected President. The problem lies with too much intelligence. The problem lies with the media wanting to put out the more controversial sound bytes of Duterte rather than his the meat of his press conferences. Why can’t we all SHUT UP ALREADY?


Because we can’t. As the learned “Manilenos” that we are, we deem it necessary to say our piece to everything, because truth be told, that is where we thrive. Not in adversity, but in clicks, likes, pageviews. That is, for us JUAN, the crux of the matter.

We, media practioners, choose our banner stories. Rather than report on what is necessary, we report on the more meaty and sellable part of Duterte. Mas shareable kumbaga. As our facebook feeds suggest, we love to hate. We love to point out what is wrong. Because in our heads pointing what’s wrong with other people, particularly Duterte, makes us right.

Yan na lang talaga tayo ngayon eh. Yan na lang talaga!


By Bruce Rivera

History is replete with stories about the eccentricities of heads of states and former Presidents. How Napoleon would put his hand inside his vest to make him look tall. How a king of the Holy Roman Empire who adored Wagner he built a castle for him was rumored to be gay.

The stories of Emilio Aguinaldo’s maneuvering to become President. The midnight appointments of Elpidio Quirino. The rumored mahjong sessions by President Cory and how she liked appointing mestizos to her Cabinet positions. Even stories of geriatric politicians kissing younger women inappropriately but getting away with it because of their age.

Recently, the detours and tantrums of the outgoing President just to buy a gun or play video games are running the rumor mill. When PNoy failed to welcome the Fallen 44, it was not headline news. It had to be pointed out by his detractors. When PNoy said, “I do not go to wakes of people I do not know” thereby justifying his absence in the wake of Jennifer Laude, it was just a news banner. Again, detractors had to point it out.

I am just amazed at how nitty-gritty media is when they are covering Duterte. Every statement reported, most of the time misreported or even magnified. In the recent press conference of President Duterte, I was genuinely interested what matter of national importance was discussed therein. However, true to form, headlines talked more about the “catcalling” of a reporter like it was the most important national issue or disaster.

Sexual harassment. Demeaning to women. Low regard for women and press practioners. Rude behaviour for a head of state. Every negative thing one can muster to write. And major news stations have already silenced the known pro-Duterte news reporters and sent the attack dogs. Yes, we get it. You do not like him. And I do not care if you hate, loathe, despise or abhor President Duterte.

What bothers me is the culture of nitpicking you seem to have developed after his victory. Wala kayong pinalampas. Lahat ng sasabihin niya, may mali kayong nakikita. Wala man lang honeymoon period. Hindi pa nakaupo, may petition na ang mestizang panot na tanggalin na si Tatay kahit hindi pa nga naka-oath.

In Davao City, I used to watch his program where he directly talks to his constituents and he is still the same irreverent, corny, green-minded, curse-prone individual we know him to be. Yes, he makes unpleasant statements, bad jokes, sexist remarks and we already know that. Alam na natin yan. Hindi na bago yan. Chances are, may mas malala siyang nasabi in the past. But I can honestly tell you, Bisaya is a sexually-oriented language. We can easily come up with several words for sex. Kayat. Iyot. Habal. Kasta. Jerjer. Didirt. Remedyo. And most of our expressions pertain to sex. So, you will be hearing a President who speaks in a dialect that when given its Tagalog equivalence will scare the heavens out of the refined and the finesse.

And I am appalled that people who bring the news will rather talk about the mischievous words rather than things that really matter. Yes, Mariz was perhaps humiliated or demeaned. President Duterte made another blunder of words. But to make a mountain out of a molehill is something else.

Sino ba sa atin ang hindi napagnasahan sa daan? Kung may itsura ka or sexy ka, malaki ang tsansa na mapapansin ka. Kung hindi ka napapansin at napagnanasahan, mas malaki ang problema mo kasi pangit ka.

We are sexual beings to respond to beauty, appeal, charisma or charm. Men, women and anybody in between are always objectified at some point. At huwag kayong hypocrito na ayaw niyo na may pumansin sa inyo. Kaya nga tayo nag-aayos para hangaan ng tao. It only becomes offensive kung ayaw natin ang nagcatcall. Aminin niyo yan.

Pag si Alden kininditan ka sabay whistle, hindi ka matutunaw sa kilig? Pero kung pangit ang gumawa nun, harassment na. The point is, to those who do not like Pres. Duterte, lahat ng gagawin niya, may makikita kayong mali. Admittedly, kahit lakad ni PNoy may nakikita akong di ko gusto kasi ayaw ko sa kanya. But I do not point that out every chance I get.

Ayaw niyo sa kanya. You want him to fail. Hahanapan niyo ng butas. At malamang may butas kayong mahahanap kasi walang taong perfect, mga plastic lang.

But 16 million voters voted for him. If your mission in life ay maghanap ng butas to destroy him and prove us wrong, then what is the point of an election. Hatiin na lang natin ang Pilipinas kung ganun kayo mag-isip.

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