04 Nov Enter Sandman: An Ode to Depression



By Audz Abella
Yes, I am about to enter the gates of depression. For three reasons.
First, the thing on balikbayan boxes. I’ve been working overseas for nearly two years and I’ve never experienced sending a balikbayan box to my family. Keber if it only contains imported cormbip and shampoo or cheap goodies from IKEA. The excitement of packing for them, that I’ve never felt; them eager to open is another smiley story. I planned on doing it this year. But then we have thieves right at the airport who open these boxes of blood-sweat-and-tears and steal your hard-earned goodies or charge taxes for everything – used, owned – probably even used, rusty shavers if they can. They’ve been administered vaccines against the classic line, “Ang kakapal ng mukha nyo pinaghirapan ng iba nanakawin nyo lang”, hence their immunity to OFW dramarama lines. They’ve developed multi-resistant strains of viruses and there’s not one medicine available.
Second, this bullet planting scam. Now my mind is waxing thoughts on purchasing a “bullet-proof” luggage cover or resorting to the airport solution of clingwrapping it a thousand rounds, but then you realise right before you check-in that you forgot to take out your reliable book you planned on reading in-flight. So there goes the idea. Perhaps get new luggage? And that goes for hand carry and personal bag as well. The stories just keep piling up, getting more stupid by the day – a lola, a student – it’s not surprising that the government seems mum about the issue although you hear about victims on a daily basis. Well. What’s new.
And third. Mahal just got married. I guess I needn’t say more.
God bless the Philippines.


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