31 May Editor’s Note – The High Life Issue



On the cover: Wyn Marquez
photo credits: Styled by Patricia Coronado | Photography by Enzo Mondejar | Make Up by Maquillage Professionel | Hair by Hyatt Laurel


We must admit, this issue was brought about by the recent turn of events in the Close Up Summer Party where at least five people died. Many were stunned. Many were shocked thinking how can such a thing happen especially when most of the attendees were basically kids. We weren’t. Truth be told, we have known of a lot of incidents of drugs being passed around in big rave events from way back when. We have been living witnesses to many of our friends being carried out of the venue because they were too… passed out to even make it to the door. We certainly wished that it was just alcohol that they took in, but we know, from the looks on their faces, the bottles of water that they were carrying, to the weird way they were acting around us, that it was more than just a few bottles that they couldn’t carry.

It has become a puzzle to me at least why some people would rather be intoxicated in drugs when I know for a fact that being in your normal self is better. Call me prude, but I personally stayed away from such. My mom would always warn me that drugs would fry my brain. And my brain, in her mind, is the only thing that I have to make it through this life. I guess, it was that, the scared shit factor of having a friend brain and no future to hold me together that made me stir clear of anything that would cause permanent damage. That, or the fear or being caught doing something illegal (well other than sex, I guess). I would like to believe that every one has a choice. Just like the photo in our cover. Our take on drugs, much like everything in this world, has two sides, two choices. And certainly, we can’t have both.

For those who died of drug overdose, they made their choice. They’d rather YOLO and end it with an exploding heart (literally) than to battle the life that is ahead of them. They made a choice of crossing over, of purchasing drugs that is potentially lethal. Were they made aware of the consequences? I guess just by searching on the internet one would find good enough explanations of what these drugs or the combinations there of would do to your bodies. However, they still chose to take those in, down it with water with the hopes of living today like there’s no tomorrow. And truly, the “no tomorrow” part happened.

YOLO-ing as the millenials fondly call it is about doing it and not thinking about the consequences because you live only once. This issue is about that and many other stories about living the High Life – that life where you pretend to be happy, and everything is great; that life where one pretends to be who they are not; the life of the rich, the life of the famous, the life of the intoxicated – be it drugs, power or money.

So JUAN, welcome to the High Life Issue – where everything featured is parang sabog lang. Yung ganung ganun.


Sisa Zaragoza

Editor-In-Shit este Chief

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