04 Oct #DugasPaMost: How Can You Give Something that is NOT Yours in the First Place?



JUAN SAYS: We saw a good number of jokes posted on facebook about putting the Spratly’s on the line as Gilas and China fought their way through winning the elusive gold. Though we cringed at reading those posts we didn’t have the heart to burst everyone’s bubble as we all cheered for our team. After all it was just a joke. But when the coach of the Chinese team says it, we just had to put our foot down. Kapal naman ng mukha ng isang ito! How can you give something that is NOT even yours in the first place. We’d gladly give you something of ours in exchange for your “not so clear cut win” yesterday. Maybe he can be of service to you. Read this post by a foreigner who took also took notice of what that coach said.
An Open Letter to His Excellency President Xi Jinping,
President of the People’s Republic of China
Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to you express my concern over the comment or statement by the Head Coach of the national basketball team of the People’s Republic of China, Gong Luming at a recently held press conference, where Luming stated that if the Philippines beat China in the final of FIBA2015, they could have the Spratly Islands.
With the greatest respect Sir, you cannot give back something which did not belong to you in the first place, that is generally known as theft. Secondly, the Spratly Islands are not to be treated as some kind of pawn in a high stakes gambling match. The Spratly Islands are a valuable asset which historical evidence has proven belong to the Philippine people.
Your country cannot bet with peoples livelihood. As I am sure you are aware, the Philippine people are a friendly, warm and peace loving nation who’s people work around the globe including China, supporting other nations through employment in the healthcare, engineering, caring and customer facing roles as well as a variety of other employment fields. The Overseas Filipino Worker goes abroad to seek employment to better their lives as life can be difficult back home.
The Spratly Islands should be returned to the people and nation they belong to, unhelpful comments like this, or even bets on the livelihoods of the Philippine people are unhelpful. Please with respect, do not use this issue as some kind of joke to gain cheap laughs.
Lastly, who am I, I am married to a Filipina and have Filipino relatives both in the Philippines and in the United Kingdom, I also have the greatest respect for other nations and cultures, however I also have freedom of speech. Previously I was somewhat reluctant to write to you about the Spratly’s as I was concerned over my safety, now I believe I must. Now I hope you will respect my rights to freedom of speech as a British Citizen.
Respectfully yours,
Malcolm Conlan
JUAN SAYS: Here is our surprise gift for you China! You can have him anytime, anyday! He is a lot better than the Spratly’s. He will make your cities like Makati (as he claims). Mas bagay ito sa inyo – mandurugas!


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