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JUAN SAYS: Look at what we found on facebook! Awwww. We sincerely found this endearing and we do not wish to bash the Bemondce for finding one true love. In truth, the girls and gays in JUAN are envious of his find. (Yep some of us are into German sausages too, white boys or what have you!) But we want them to have their ever after. We stalked into Bemondce instagram account and found more lovely photos of the couple. We smiled and exclaimed when we saw the hashtag: #wedding. And we are assuming that they are MARRIED! Mabuti pa ang twinky, pinakasalan ng German boy. Operative word: KASAL. To their bashers, pinakasalan ka ba? Bitter ka lang teh! The cutest photo we found was that of the couple kissing by the sunset. While some may find this too cheesy, we didn’t. Our hearts fluttered and got a bit of kilig! Bemondce gives us hope that we too will find our own one true love, be it a German sausage or an Ilokano longganisa. One true love that will hold our hands in public and make duck faces for upload on instagram! We want a love so true that it is DECLARED in public, and the significant other is not ashamed to be seen standing side by side with us, pretty, unpretty, sunshine barbie or darth vader — whatever persona we morph into. We love the twinky called “Bemondce.” Let’s not be bitter. Repeat. Let’s not be bitter. The lesson here is this: we will all find our prince charming because love will always be blind! Beauty indeed is in the eyes of the beholder! And no matter what others say we believe in you Bemondce! We support you and your partner. Ikaw na! Ganda mo teh! Haba ng hair. Natatapakan ko oh!
JUAN SAYS: We found this facebook post by CK Espanol saying what he thought of the bashers, and we couldn’t agree more!
When I woke up this morning these photos (of an Asian-Caucasian couple on a train – later confirmed to be the Bangkok Sky Train) have been trending on my news feed. And the captions and comments were ranging from nasty bullies to insecure envies to sheer admiration. Na-intriga ako so I had to do my own research. The blonde guy is Naparuj Mond Kaendi, a Thai Creative Director and Booking Agent at Bacca Model Management in Bangkok, Thailand. The guy next to him is his partner, Thorsten Mid, who appears to be from Germany. According to sources they’ve been together for more than 2 years and 2 months, more or less. ‪#‎mondsten
Ngayon, balik tayo sa mga comments ng ibang tao. Usually, the nasty comments come from those who have no one special in their life. Example:
“Buti pa si Ateng, nagayuma si Kuya!” Seriously? Your first instinct is gayuma?


“What has the world become?” Oh com’n! May love life lang yung tao samantalang ikaw, WALA. May mali na sa mundo? End of the world na, teh?
“Baka dadalhin sa prisinto si bakla!” Really now?!
“Life is unfair!” This one really gets me cringing! So pag ibang tao may love life, life is unfair?! May imbalance yata sa justice system ng buhay mo teh! Utak mo rin, imbalanced!
“May himala! ” At punyeta may smiley pa talaga! Kaloka! It’s no mystery why your life is sad and pathetic!
“Di na ako mag-gi-gym. Magpapablonde na lang ako at magpapa-pangit para magka-jowa! Jk!” Mukha mo, ulol! Hampasin kita ng pwet ng kaldero, bet? Nakuha mo pang mag-joke! May dahilan kung bakit wala kang jowa, afam man yan o hindi! At malamang hindi yun dahil sa itsura mo.

Dinadaan lang ang mga to sa biro, pero that’s precisely what bullying is. Do you really believe these two aren’t capable of having true love? Don’t they deserve what they have? Ang mahirap sa karamihan ng mga bakla, bitter at inggitero, lalo na yung mga itsura pa lang mukhang-bitter na talaga.
Others tend to admire the couple, mas madalas nga lang out of inggit, at pagnanais na sana sila din may happy relationship, with a super hot model-esque hunk of a man! Pero wala eh, ilang taon nang single!
So ang ultimate question, BAKIT KAYA? Bakit sila single? Eh kung ugali pa lang, mapakla na, malamang love-life nun kasing pakla rin! At lalong-lalo na kung sa itsura pa lang mapakla na! Sa personality na nga lang sana idadaan ang love-life, kaso asal pusali naman! Oh well!
I’m happy for these two! And I’m happy they get to express their love for each other! ‪#‎iRespect ‪#‎iSupport

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