07 May Do It With Passion or None At All


If there is one thing common amongst all the successful people we have met, it would be their passion. Passion is the fire that ignites the eyes when one talks about a certain project, a certain goal or a simple hoppy that one takes. We believe that it is the driving force behind every man and woman who wants to do something big.


We have often been asked this question “what drives you?” And we have heard all sorts of answers, fame, the accolades to oneself, the money. But none of these can satisfy the craving, the need to do something just because. And we at JUAN believe THAT.IS.PASSION.

However noble this concept may be, not many people are fueled by it. With the times changing, and money becoming the sole need of many, passion has certainly taken a back seat, and the needs (the piling bills, the family wants and needs, the need to prove oneself) has taken the spotlight. Though important, the quest for millions is not exactly a compelling reason to go beyond the necessary to push through with something unimaginable. Passion rests with people who were shaped to make something out of their talents. Passion has become exclusive to people who were mentally prepared to defy all odds and the pangs of loneliness. Passion is faith, believing in the impossible and knowing that with hard work, it will one day come to fruition. Passion has become a luxury, an exclusive trait to the movers and shakers of this world.

Take the case of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is no stranger to resilience and hard work. His life is a living testimony that nothing is impossible. In his early years, he had a promising football career having received numerous offers from many Division 1 collegiate programs. While playing for the University of Miami, he was sidelined for an injury. He carved a new path for himself when his dream of becoming a pro football player was crushed and found himself with less than $7 dollars in his pocket. Through these trials, he knows first-hand there is something that lives in each one of us that helps defy doubt, failure or circumstance. He calls it WILL, we attribute it to PASSION.

“Over the years, I’ve failed hard and had my dreams crushed, which inevitably put my back up against the wall. Through that struggle on my way back up, I’ve learned there’s one undeniable constant to success, and that’s to always be the hardest worker in the room,” said Dwayne.

In business, we too have been living witnesses to companies sold to people who only want to make money, but share none of the passion that goes with the products that these companies make and sell. Money or the greed is NEVER a driving force to success. The love for profit won’t make you push through the hard times, it won’t even make you bet on yourself if need be. But passion does. If anything, wanting money will make you want to quit whatever it is that you are pushing, whatever it is that you are believing for. It never brought you places, has it? Yung totoo, asan ka na nga ba ngayon? Nasa umpisa na naman di ba? Dahil wala kang natatapos, panay umpisa lang. The resilience to endure all trials and all heartbreaks and hardships is brought about by passion, not the love for making bucks nor fame. Great people we believe become great because of passion, take the case of Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, GE’s Jack Welch, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, among many other great men who lived in our time. Saan sa mga quotes nila na pilit mong pinopost sa facebook mo ang nagsabing “be driven by money?” Wala di ba?

So beginning today, we urge you to re-think your principles. We challenge you to introspect and answer this question: “what drives you?” And as the title of this article goes… Do it with passion or none at all.







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