20 Aug Dear Attention Whores and Pabebe Girls



JUAN SAYS: Nicole Arbour is our new favorite person. Her videos, Instagram models is funny and said everything we wanted to say about how women perceive themselves on Instagram for likes. It’s amazing how women sell themselves on Instagram, facebook and other social networking sites, like selling their soul, for a couple of freebies and a whole lot of likes. It is almost unbelievable that people are getting paid for making a fool out of themselves on their social networking sites. We have received a quotation from an advertising agency, which shows the estimate budget we would be needing to prepare if we wanted certain celebrities with a huge amount of followers, to tweet about our products, or post pictures of it on instagram. You wouldn’t believe how much some bloggers charge for several posts on their blog sites just because they have a huge fan base on facebook (but when we checked on their posts, there were only uh, 10 to 20 facebook shares?!) WTF who are they kidding. Yes, we are bitter, and we are jealous. There will be days when we would like to wish that we were as stupid as all of them, with stupid posts, stupid pictures, stupid life. But then again, we’d still want to be on our side of the fence. Laughing at the pouty lips, kilay-less videos, and yeah even those Chanel ball necklaces that made us go “bakit may bayag yang babaeng yan sa lalamunan?”



What we’ve all wanted to say to “Instagram Models.” 😉

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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