08 Aug Daenerys Targaryen and Her Claim To The Iron Throne



By Sisa Zaragoza


Ah Daeny! Daeny! Daeny! I wanted to be you as you rode the back of Drogo. I understand how sick and tired you must feel as episode after episode you kept on losing. Taking Westeros is not exactly an easy feat no matter how many Dothrakis or Unsullied you bring to the shores of Dragonstone. But when it comes to taking what you want, you knew how to get it!

I wondered why you had to listen to Tyrion. Sure we know how tactical and smart your little man must be, and his laid out plans could have worked if Cersei, yeah Cersei weren’t as smart as his little brother. They, as I would like to remind you, are both Lannisters. It is after all, in the blood. The scheming, the tactics, the military strategies are influenced heavily by their father. Yet in the last 4 episodes of the Game of Thrones, we knew who is more Tywin. Not Tyrion. Not Jaime (oh no for heaven’s sakes!) It is Cersei! And Daeny, if you must know, if there was one person who deserves to have knees bent, that would be the famous Tart Queen Cersei.

As your meeting with Jon Snow unfolded in Season 3, we can’t help but notice the litany of accomplishments you have tucked under your belt. You are Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen,First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons, and yet you still want to conquer that one thing, that one thing that you can leave behind to someone who is actually sitting on your prized throne – Cersei.

You maybe the daughter of King Aerys II, but isn’t that there is to it? Sure you ride dragons, sure we loved how you would scream DRACARYS to signal the firebolt from Drogon, but is this really enough to be Queen of the seven kingdoms? We are happy for you Daeny! We are happy that foreigners toss you, believe in you and follow you because you are you, but attacking the very people who you wish to rule with a fiery dragon and a fleet of Dothrakis? It is like Duterte killing the AFP with the help of the Chinese Army. And now how do you make them believe in you? (Can’t wait for Episode 5).

Besides, why do you have to bring the Dothraki with you? Sure it was a sight to behold, a breathtaking 20 minutes of Episode 4 where many of GOT fanatics cried and anticipated the gory of this battle. But if I were in your shoes, I would have brought 2 dragons with you and roasted them all. Two dragons were enough to finish this battle. Conserve your men.

From the first season of the Game of Thrones, I always had issues with Daeny. I don’t think she has the makings of a Queen. If common people like us were taught how to reach for your dreams, stars and whatever else it was you wanted to achieve, shouldn’t you have learned this by now too?

In the famous book, the Art of War, the cardinal rule of warfare is to know your enemy, and it seems that having the dwarf by your side isn’t enough to know how Cersei thinks. Fucked up people are unreadable, and Cersei has mastered that, knowing when to pull back and when to engage. Cersei has understood that you have to lose some battles to win the war. And the prize Daeny? Cersei is actually sitting on it.

If there was one thing I have to give to you, that is your mastery of the other points from the Art of War. Bravo for engaging the Lannister forces where your forces are familiar – the open field. You attacked when they least expected it, and if anything, you caught your enemy by surprise. Yet, points to Cersei and Jaime for being prepared to attack your dragon. And points to House Lannister for their unconventional ways of thinking, for knowing that Dragons are not invincible. Those dragons are mortal beings and can be killed by the right weapon. Others would have cowered at the thought of fighting a fire breathing dragon, the Lannisters saw that dragons were too huge for the shooters to miss.

And as the Episode 5 teaser unfolded, there you were again Daeny, asking everyone to bend the fucking knee. What’s with that? In Episode 4, you couldn’t let go of your ambition even if it meant the lives of the people whom you so wanted to rule over are on the line. You still insisted that Jon Snow would bend the goddam knee!

You said that if Jon did care for his people then it wouldn’t be hard for him to swallow his pride and bend the knee. Let me turn the tables on you Daeny, if your heart was pure and you just wanted to serve the Seven Kingdoms, wouldn’t you have just set aside your ambitions and just help Jon anyway?

You see life in this parallel universe is almost the same thing, sans the dragons, and the other fairytale elements that can only exist in your world. But the feelings, the experiences are true. There will be people like you Manny Cuevas, who are entitled, wanting everyone to “bend the knee” just because they think that it is owed to them. There will be people who are driven by ambition, in the guise of helping other people that the “devil’s tail” can be seen no matter what they do. And that being the case, I wish that in this part of the universe, we too can ride dragons and scream DRACARYS and shower fire bolts to anyone who does shit to us. That will be the day!


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