25 Jan AXE Defines ‘Ang Tunay na Macho’



JUAN SAYS: Testosterone overload, that’s how we would describe the old Axe commercials, where got our fill of six-pack abs, deltoids and biceps to boot. It was the stuff that women secretly put on replay the moment they hit play. But today, Axe launched a new commercial that is the total anti-thesis of what it used to be – a new brand of masculinity is defined, and it is far from how we once salivated on it.


Gone are the muscles, the brawn – and in comes the regular guy whom we would meet everyday. The guy others would refuse to go to prom with just because he was on a wheel chair, or that guy who you’d never take a second look at just because he was more of a nerd than a jock. And who could miss out the dancing that is NOT on our dating league, but more of the bestfriend that we’d like to hang around with. They too need deodorants no matter the sexual preferences nor the body type.

Find your magic, is the tagline of the newest commercial. Without deodorant the magic under the armpits isn’t happening. Yeah no matter if you have six-packs. Hygiene IS SEXY!

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