15 Nov As Tragedy Strikes in Paris, Pinoys Promote Themselves



I wanted to let you be seriously. I’ve been trying to hold off my barf since last night thinking that it is just a handful of people who are taking advantage of the Paris attacks to be able to promote themselves. But this is getting out of hand. As I opened my facebook today, tons and tons of social climbing people have already posted in their facebook timelines pictures of themselves in Paris. I just had to run to the toilet and throw up.


It is distasteful to say the least to show sympathy to a country attacked by monsters by posting on your social networking sites a photo of yourself in Paris. The attacks have nothing to do with you. The tragedy in Paris is NOT about you. Heck this is not, I repeat NOT a good time to show off that once upon a lifetime you set foot in Paris. It is really NOT a good time. WTF!

I could just imagine your reactions upon seeing the news. “OMG Paris was attacked by Isis. Oh wait let me search my albums for that one time I was in Paris.” #PrayForParis #MyThoughtsAreWithYou

Wow! Just wow! That is just SO TACKY!

Please be reminded that the Paris attacks and all the other attacks are serious business. People are losing lives. And this is NOT a great opportunity for you to humblebrag. Sa totoo lang!

And as if this is not enough, we go as far back as when Syrians had to flee their homes to seek asylum from another country, a 3-year old boy was found floating lifeless. Did you care? NO! All you did was post links of Aldub on your timelines hashtagging #MayForever. This happens in Israel everyday, but did you care? NO. This happened in Beirut yesterday, but did you care? NO. You were busy hashtagging #KiligPaMore. Or you were just busy NOT CARING!

Some clueless friends even went as far as messaging me on facebook as to why I haven’t change my facebook profile picture to the one with the France flag on it. I cringed. Do I really have to join the bandwagon just because? I mean, I’ve been posting stories about the Lumads and how they are being massacred everyday right in our doorsteps and you would want me to change my profile picture to the one with the French flag? Bakit? Kasi Paris? Kasi soshal? Kasi social climbing at its finest? #TaenaThis Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo!

One of my good friends has posted this on facebook, and I couldn’t even agree more:


Praying for nations or the world is not a competition. What I mean is, it is good to say a silent prayer for those who are embattled, but can we please do this with a little bit of privacy. Seriously, the whole world doesn’t need to know what you are doing for Paris, especially when you haven’t done your share in supporting the fight of our Filipino brothers – the Lumads in their fight for the land that rightfully belongs to them. No, you don’t get to say that I am being negative because I don’t want to join in your “climbing party.” And NO, you don’t get to judge me for how I see you now – social climbers!


Really, nobody wants to know that you have been to Paris. Ang cheap ha! Ang cheap! In fact nobody cares. And if you truly care for people being killed by the hundreds, start with your own backyard. Read up on the Lumads. Hashtag #StopKillingLumads. #PrayForLumads.

But my guess is you won’t. Kasi hindi ka naman sisikat sa pakikiisa sa mga Lumads dahil hindi soshal. Dahil hindi Paris. Because like some people, you too are full of shit! Parang ‘tong isang ‘to! #SawsawPaMore


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