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Photography by Gabby Cantero for EXPLORE Magazine


JUAN SAYS: We found these pictures of Atom Araullo on facebook published by Explore Magazine for one of their recent issues. We understand why Atom Araullo landed the cover, and by any means, we would understand if Atom Araullo would land on the cover of many other magazines in the future. Atom IS the Piolo Pascual of Philippine media.

But this post is not solely about Atom Araullo but the many women who are creaming just seeing him on television, even when he is wet and submerged in flood waters. Who doesn’t want to take home Atom? (Dead silence).

Very recently, a woman named Lia Badillo expressed her “love” for Atom via Rappler. A facebook site called Biliran Island made a post about it which says:

12694830_804263369719596_4307996344760824047_oVIRAL: Open letter to Atom Araullo from ‘sapiosexual’ Lia Badillo

An open letter to ABS-CBN news anchor Atom Araullo written by Liavel Badillo, a woman who’s got a huge crush on him, has gone viral.

In her letter, which was published on Rappler X, Lia said the “Umagang Kay Ganda” host has turned her into a sapiosexual, one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature in a person.

She admitted to have seen Atom for the first time on TV when she was still 17 years old and said, “I was totally smitten with how smart you sounded.”

Lia shared that she was “gushing over him on television” for eight long years and it was only in October last year that she finally saw her ultimate crush in person while having lunch with friends at Chocolate Kiss Cafe, a restaurant inside the University of the Philippines campus. At the time, she was enrolled at the UP College of Law for Bar Review.

12698514_804263383052928_3332643574785157189_oThe writer said Atom passed by her table while holding a bottle of water but she was having doubts whether to approach him or not. Thinking that it could be her only chance, Lia swallowed her pride and asked for a picture with him. That photo was all she got from her crush as she didn’t have the courage to tell him what she really feels.

Lia said Atom’s reporting during the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda (not to mention his humility and charm) has put the news personality “among the most crush-worthy celebrities.”

The law graduate also admitted that she gets jealous over the pairing of Atom and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. The two have been collectively called “PiaTom” on the morning show, UKG.

At the end of her open letter, Lia expressed her love for Atom. She hopes to have coffee and dine with him so they can spend quality time together, even if it means that she has to be absent from work.

“Seeing you and talking to you that day at Chocolate Kiss made me realize that you are my standard. A man who is smart, talks smart, and dresses smart. Plus, our genes put together will make the best offspring in the world,” she wrote. “I love youuuuuuu, Atom. I really do.”

Lia asked the readers to tell Atom that there is a girl somewhere who loves him so much. Well, it seems the 33-year-old broadcast journalist already knew about her open letter.

“Googles sapiosexual,” Atom posted on his Twitter account.

12657785_804263296386270_2040349591861921207_oWe must admit, many of us women fell in love with Atom with the same reasons that Lia did. He is smart, cute but smart. As we have always said, the brain is the sexiest part of a man’s body. It is one thing to have a pretty face but the clincher will always be the gray matter in between his ears. Sadly, not many have managed to ace that. Men like Atom are a rare breed – a combination of pizzaz and intelligence. There will be men who are just lovely to look at and nice to hold, but please, for the love of God, DO NOT open your mouths for we will soon discover the true identity of the person. A mere text using the wrong word say: “foods” or “stuffs” would send any woman crushing down. Masakit yun. Yung umasa kang eto na ang Prince Charming mo, sabay bobo lang mag-English? Masakit yun!

We are also envious of Lia – her bravery for putting herself out there and telling Atom how she truly feels knowing that somehow it would reach him (and maybe make him feel creepy. Sweet, but creepy). Heck we are envious of women who can just say it, say what they feel without fear of rejection, without the feeling that their hearts will be broken if the other end may not reciprocate. Maybe it is easier to say how you feel to someone who is not exactly within your radar, say a celebrity, whom you would assume receive countless of fan mails, words of praises from fans. Maybe we are all thinking that saying how you feel is nothing to them. “Sanay na sila.” There is no fear of rejection because there are certainly no glimpse of hope for them to reciprocate how you feel because they are… well… up there. Sabi nga diba, langit ka, lupa ako. Madaling sumuntok hindi ba, kung suntok sa buwan lang naman ang gagawin mo.

But if the feelings are real, and if the feelings are true, then it would be harder to say it, out loud, waiting for the other party’s answer especially if the guy you wish to “propose to” is of close proximity to you. Masakit din mareject. Masakit masabihan ng “kapatid lang ang turing ko sa iyo.” O “friends lang talaga tayo eh.” Tapos babae ka pa?! Tapos maganda ka pa?! Masakit. Awkward. Nakaka-emote.

So we stay away from any confrontation that may lead us to scream and say: “OO ‘tangina! Mahal kita. Noon pa, mahal na mahal kita! Ano pang gusto mong sabihin ko! Punyeta!”

But then again, we suffer from the what ifs and what could’ve beens. But even then, even in the confusion of how we feel, we still keep mum about it, deny it to a point. Until the man of our dreams shows us a little bit of interest, a glimmer of light that they too are interested. Until then, we just zip it.


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