03 Jul Advocates React to our Rainbow Statement



JUAN SAYS: We were hoping that our short statement would read the maximum number of people to make them understand how it is to take a stand not just on the LGBT issue of gay marriage, but on any issue for that matter. As we have always said, it is ok to disagree, but please DO NOT be disagreeable. It is ok to have an opinion, than to not have any at all. What is important is to accept other people’s opinion as well. Hindi yung ikaw lang ang tama at ikaw lang ang magaling. We could be wrong in our opinions, and so are you. What is important is we all learn, learn to accept that other people have a stand too.


From Franchesca Chai Aquino Cerone

This is a good article. I feel the same. I choose love, I choose God. And because I choose God, I stand by the second greatest commandment: love thy neighbour. Jesus didn’t give up his life only for the self-righteous. There are those who choose to sow hate about the decision, then there are those who mock Christ. I will not allow the minority to sway my stand. I stand and celebrate with my LGBT brothers and sisters and I know my Father in heaven is smiling down on me for choosing to do so.


“Those of us loyal both to our church and to our LGBT family and friends are left in a difficult position. On the one hand, we want to proclaim the way, the truth, and the life – we want to witness to the radically transformative power of God’s love in the world – and we want to follow the church’s lead in that endeavor. On the other, we struggle to reconcile the church’s teaching with the suffering of our loved ones, or the church’s disappointment with our loved ones’ joy.”

“For those who support it, yesterday’s ruling is against injustice and for equality. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, against religion and for immorality. And there’s a danger if religious voices continue to react as if advocacy for same-sex marriage is in itself a form of religious persecution. It simply is not. The motivations don’t match religious persecution, and neither does the end result. To equate what many perceive as correcting an injustice with religious persecution is to invite that persecution. It also encourages the church to act out of fear, rather than out of love born from the subtle urging of the Holy Spirit – and only bad things can come of acting from a place of fear.”

“Those of us caught uncomfortably between our two loves – love for our Church and love for our LGBT brothers and sisters – therefore have a crucial role to play through our interaction with each. We ought, at the very least, help each side to value the good in the other. In an ideal world, we might even help each to dialogue with the other. But then, in an ideal world, we would not be caught between two loves. This is not an ideal world. In our world, at this moment, #LoveHurts.”

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From Adri Pangilinan
Fashion Designer & LGBTQI Human Rights Activist

My heart is in awe. My heart is in mad joyous state. My heart is in love. USA should be proud of such historical achievement they’ve made today for allowing all human beings too love and marry. I am overflowing with happiness because I never thought I’d live to see this, but love is so profoundly powerful that it could move mountains. And I’m pretty sure that the LGBTQI community is in high of this momentous event. Who would have thought right? If you ask your grandparents, even parents, I’m sure they wouldn’t have thought about it!

The community have gone through a lot over centuries and with this, let me give you a quick run through of the roller coaster ride of the past, the present and the beautiful years ahead of us: In the ancient Philippines, “genetic male” from different ethnicity could identify and live as women (asog/bayougin), as proven by written accounts by the Spanish friars (Babaylan Chronicles), but European colonization wiped out our multifaceted perception on gender identity. The community slowly stood up again after centuries of hiding, struggling and fighting and fast forward to 1973 and 2012, both homosexuality and transgenderism are no longer considered a mental illness according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illness. And today we have a more loving groups of people that do not instantly condemn us as mentally ill for who we are. The past years have been groundbreaking for the community, from members of the community making it to top Philippine publication and entertainment industries, TV shows dedicated to LGBTQI concepts and lifestyle (“The L Word”, “Looking”, “Hit & Miss”), Bruce Jenner blossoming to Caitlyn, and lastly with Laverne Cox being the first transsexual to be on the Time magazine cover. Now we’ve arrived to this, same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, in one country! Just wow, I’m in tears!

We’ve truly evolved to be more humane and I’m proud to say that I live to see all these. I don’t know with you but I can certainly feel that there is hope, there always is, especially when it comes to love.
Belated happy Pride to the LGBTQI community, our families, friends and allies! Mahal namin kayo!

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