02 Nov 5 Juan Reasons to Be Happy Today



Mondays can be quite dragging especially after a weekend of you know, staying in and chilling. However, there is actually beauty to be found in Mondays because personally it has always signified a new beginning.
So if you’re fighting off the Monday blues, here are five reasons to be happy this Monday.
1) It’s the first Monday of a new month. 
Okay, we get it, your October was horrible. We get it, October was a mess. However, it’s November and you can have a do-over. Ate, kalimutan na natin yan and mag move on na tayo, ika nga ni CS Lewis, there are better things ahead than any we leave behind.
2) If you can read this, it means you can actually see. 
 Madaming walang eyesight. Wag maginarte, it’s a blessing, be thankful.
3) You have a job to go to.
Okay so your boss may not be the best on the planet and makulit mga katrabaho mo but the point is, may work ka, period.
4) Your week is still a blank state. 
Nothing has happened yet, you can choose to make this a happy week. Sige na, if Britney Spears can get through 2007, you can go through today.
5) You have this ridiculous power to create a life that you actually want.
Instead of complaining, remember this ridiculous power inside of you that makes you have the ability to change your life, one decision at a time. Don’t act hopeless because as long as you are physically capable, you can actually change the world, or at the very least your own.
PS: another reason to be happy, wala ka sa NAIA so it lessens your chances of being victimized by the laglag bala gang na hanggang ngayon hindi pa nahuhuli. 


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