16 Nov 10 Ways That Sarcasm Becomes Sexy



JUAN SAYS: Not every woman can be sarcastic, no matter how hard they try. It takes a certain personality and a not so ordinary level of intellect to come up with crazy answers to otherwise serious question. It is not that we wanna piss you off, it is just that we oftentimes find you funny or better yet, you are classified as a worthy opponent. Dating a sarcastic woman is challenging to say the least. One should be always on their toes and be ready for a little tongue lashing action. Sarcasm is about the art of the sharp tongue and sarcastic girlfriends will always find an excuse to joke about anything. That is, if you can keep up. A sarcastic girlfriend deserves a very smart man because of the following reasons:


  1. WE LIVE FOR WITTY BANTER. We find the exchange of banter between couples very sexy. To us it is foreplay. We like poking fun at everything, and puns, oh the puns do send our brains on overdrive. If you can’t get the puns then this will never work. Bantering is foreplay. Bantering is how we flirt. If we are sassing you a lot, it means you are worthy. And yes, we are that into you.
  1. WE’LL KEEP YOU ENGAGED. We always have opinions to anything and everything, yet there will be times when we hold our tongues. But you can be certain that there is something that we wish to spill out. Having something to say is natural to us, couple that with a careful construction of words that may sound funny to only a blessed few. It is our way of entertaining you, and hopefully excite you, to keep you guessing what’s next.
  1. WE CAN TAKE A JOKE. Or can’t sometimes. But most often than not, when we are into the sarcastic mode we can dish it out and take in as much as we can. And when we are really in the mood, we may sass you back so quickly that you might mistake it for picking a fight. Go with it. Laugh about it. It is not to be taken seriously.
  1. WE HAVE LOADS OF CONFIDENCE. No matter what our size, shape, height, width, thickness, we’ve got C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E spelled out properly. We know what we’ve got that every other girl doesn’t. That is why we are able to make fun of ourselves and laugh about, well, us. Because we know who we are, and we are not ashamed of it.
  1. WE KEEP IT LIGHT MOST OF THE TIME. We seldom get serious, but you won’t be able to tell the difference. We’ve mastered the poker face from all angles, and we’ve probably played that on you. Yet our ability keep it light doesn’t mean we can’t get real. But we do know that laughter too is as real as it can get.
  1. WE’RE ACTUALLY MASSIVE SOFTIES DEEP DOWN. So you think we are a toughie that you begin to do a double take once we spit out something sweet. “Who died?” You say. “Did you hit your head on the gutter?” Don’t be scared — we do have hearts under our cold and hilarious souls.
  1. BEING WITH US WILL ALWAYS FEEL LIKE FUN. We like to joke and flirt and play in a non-dramatic way. We won’t ever make you feel that you have to double up your work, but you may feel that way just to keep up with the wise cracks. We want every moment to be happy. We cherish the sound of laughter a lot. Just don’t take things too seriously, because we clearly don’t.
  1. EVEN ARGUMENTS WILL FEEL LIKE FUN. Arguments will start out legit, until we find something to poke fun of – your spelling, the use of you’re and yours, your socks, your butt or anything that we see unfitting of the moment. And then we forget about the argument because we will end up laughing. So much for your issues darling.
  1. OUR SENSITIVITIES WILL BE A WELCOME SURPRISE. Sarcastic girls has pretty soft layers beneath the thick surface. Keep digging. There is more beyond the banter.
  1. FOREPLAY. Did we tell you about foreplay? Back read hun, you jumped to number 10 because you thought this was about sex. You are not paying attention!


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