03 Dec Why We’d Give A Slice of History for Christmas



JUAN SAYS: In a time where history is re-written, where people can be particular on the dates and occasion of the past yet never considering how it affects the present time, it is refreshing to read a book that is filled with so many stories that remind us of where we came from and how it all came about. After all, we will not be who we are today, a resilient bunch of Filipinos if it weren’t for our past. Both the ugly and the beautiful have shaped us to be what we are today.


In school, many of us slept through history classes thinking we wouldn’t need them when we take the first step to our career paths. We have been drowned with images of dry lectures, an endless litany of dates and names to memorize and textbooks that we cannot wait to toss out at the end of the school year. We never learned history the way we should have embraced it. Our history as a people and as a nation is in fact, very colorful often action-packed, and downright entertaining. It all depends on who is doing the telling.

We at JUAN would like to recommend giving a piece of history to many of us who have forgotten. Maybe through the first volume of Halo-Halo Histories series entitled: “A Lolong Time Ago,” we would be reminded of where we came from. The book highlights Philippine prehistory. Creators Michelline Suarez, Joonee Garcia, Divine Reyes, and Benjor Catindig wanted to give this worthy subject its due by presenting it in a way that would appeal to young readers and their parents as well. Written in close consultation with local scientists and historians, the series promises to “break it all down into manageable chunks of information” and employs a number of devices to keep it engaging. 

With a wink and a nod to the Internet generation it is hoping to appeal to, the book makes use of listicles, infographics, cartoons, and even a text message conversation to achieve its ends. The book has been endorsed by archaeologists and historians such as Dr. Willy Ronquillo, Prof. Xiao Chua, and Prof. Mylene Lising, who have lauded its witty and humorous approach to this subject. Aside from these esteemed experts, kids themselves and the adults in their lives have written, texted, emailed, and posted on social media their appreciation and enjoyment of the book’s presentation and content. 

Packed with illustrations, photographs, facts, and trivia, “A Lolong Time Ago” is history told with a twist and is sure to keep even the most reluctant of readers going until the very last page.

“A Lolong Time Ago: A Prehistory of the Philippines” is published by Tahanan Books, and is available at Fully Booked, National Book Store, and PowerBooks branches for only P195. Readers may also order online through tahananbooks.com.


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