05 May What We and Brands Must Consider Before Jumping into the Bandwagon



JUAN SAYS: Everybody loves Manny. After the heartbreaking announcement of yesterday’s “Fight of the Century” (ugh), brand after after brand started uploading their congratulatory messages to Manny Pacquiao. No folks! We are very sure that these brands weren’t mistaken (just like most of us thought that the judges were), they were actually one with us in praising Manny for a game well fought, for fighting for honor and his country, for his humility in defeat.




And while some people may think that this is just another publicity stunt for the brands, or better yet, “riding on the wave” created Manny, we still think that this is good marketing (errr) a good way of supporting a fighter, a sportsman whom we all may have accepted his defeat, but is still a champion in our hearts. That’s Manny to you, win or lose he is loved. And which brand in his right mind wouldn’t want to be associated with that?


Brands too must recognize where the pulse or where the hearts of the people (its consumers) lie. Hindi naman basta mukhang winner at mukhang hiphopper na jeje na naglalakad na may malaking bayag, eh yun na ang panalo. People have risen above that. To put it further, many have already managed to discern what is good and what isn’t. What is right and what is wrong. What is basura and what isn’t. We just hope that this is true for Filipinos come election time in 2016. Baka naman biglang iboto nating lahat si Manny pagka-presidente, eh ibang usapan na yon!


After all, do we all think that facebook shares, retweets and trending translate to enormous sales of the product? Sometimes. But in many ways, it still boils down to the product itself. Trending ka nga, basura naman ang pinopromote mo, eh di hindi din hahataw ang benta mo. That fact, advertisers, brand marketing managers, sales managers MUST keep in mind. It is not all about the hype, as what we have all learned in the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but brands too (like this fight) must live up to the hype that they have created, or else people will be disappointed and they will not support the brand ever again. That is how people are, dalang-dala tayo sa hype, dalang-dala tayo sa bagong trends, but when it doesn’t deliver, we ditch it. We don’t patronize it anymore. In this case, would we want another Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch? Only when Mayweather fights and not dance around the ring. We can pay good money to watch real dancers do that, thank you very much.


While we too believe that a win is a win and a loss is still a loss, we all have managed to look beyond this. What is winning if you are standing alone and even your own countrymen are booing you as your name was announced? What is winning when all you are now is empty? What then is the essence of winning if it is not well fought, if you won by default, or if you won just by dancing around, hugging your opponent? If you were in a Christian group trying to win souls then maybe that would be a good tactic, but let us be reminded that we are talking about boxing here! A sport that is supposed to be aggressive, where ticket holders, pay-per-view subscribers expected a show of power and might. Kulang na lang umakyat ang back up dancers at sumabay kay Mayweather, parang ASAP na!

But hey, we’d like to believe that Floyd’s stint in Dancing for the Stars has helped him prepare for this bout. The quick moves and the cha-cha-cha to the back, we think Floyd really has a career in professional ballroom dancing when he retires.


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