22 Sep What Fonts Say About You



JUAN SAYS: So we asked our resident doctor to diagnose the type of personality that each font liker possesses. The font you use is who you are, if that makes any sense. Oh and by the way, he is not an MD nor a PHD. He is a DKK. Go figure.



  1. Raleway – You are confident with a strong personality. If you are male, you are a mix of James Bond and Mcgyver (but if you haven’t heard of them, go ask your parents). If you are female, you are Lara Croft and Charlie’s Angels combined. Yes, you kick ass. But sometimes, you too can be full of yourself. Borderline narcissistic and a medication away from going mental.


  1. Ostrich sans – You like porn with a passion. It totally reminds you of showbiz with a heavy dose of intrigue and a dash of being plastic. It says a lot about your life. You think you are glamorous, but in reality, you are a total mess. Rehab is on the way.


  1. Dragon is coming – You are like a kid. You still watch Disney movies. You are very much a kid at heart showing that in many ways you are still emotionally whole. Not to worry, your heart will be broken in no time. You are too optimistic, that when life hits you on the face, you fall flat on the floor. Stop day dreaming and get off those self help books!


  1. Goudy Bookletter 1911 – You are the reincarnation of your grandmother. You tend to like vintage stuff and looking at portraits of old European monarchs make you cry. You like to cook, knit, sew, cross-stitch. You can do a little bit of carpentry when needed. But at the sight of cleavage, you faint.


  1. League Gothic – Your life is a horror film incarnate. You tend to overreact like Kris Aquino. You are superstitious and paranoid, afraid of getting bad luck. You are fond of witchcraft, potions and poisons. Quiapo is your hangout.


  1. Mark My Words – You like to travel. Your motto is #travelnowpulubilater. You have always dreamed of being a flight attendant, but sadly you just can’t correct that darn “p” and “f” thing.


7. Open Sans – You are business-minded. But you can be a total ass once you think of how to make a profit. Lay low on the sugar, it gets you too high strung and you totally lose it during Monday meetings.


  1. Black Jack – You are a laid back individual. Very simplistic. Very practical. You like wearing your “sando” from way back in high school even though you are already 40.


  1. Nexa – You are always formal. Everything has to be in order. You are obsessive compulsive which annoys the hell out of everybody. You feel like royalty and can damn dress like one.

sub-buzz-32485-1473865469-110. Lemon Milk – You are funny and modest. People like how you make everybody happy. You always get invited to parties. But when you are in between jobs, you can be a free loader. Palibre, that is your favorite word.


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