25 Aug Toys for the Big Girls Invade Classic Art Pieces



JUAN SAYS: Sacrilege! Purists may cry out, even the religious may find these offensive. But if you really look into it, this is a brilliant strategy of combining the cultures of the past to the present. And to say it further, what a brilliant advertising strategy. How do you advertise a dildo? It is hard enough to advertise a condom, and teach people how to use it without being too graphic and borderline pornographic, what more a device for the pleasure of women such as an electronic dildo? (Read full story here )
Let’s face it, women do not talk about masturbation as much as men do. What we are trying to say here is that, while we all see that masturbation is very much normal for any man, masturbation for women is still a taboo topic, well until the dawn of Sex in The City where it is explicitly shows how Samantha used her “magic wand” for stimulation. And as female masturbation has become a hush-hush topic among women, we have discovered that indeed there are a good number of women who pleasure themselves with the use of a “toy” or otherwise.


Samantha: I masturbated to my priest… Friar Fuck!
Carrie: Okay, I think we’re going to have to get Charlotte a crash helmet.
Charlotte: You have a priest?
Samantha: [referring to a "hot priest”] Look at his robe. So “Robin and his Merry Men.”

Carrie: [<[Carrie just turned 35]’m thirty-five.
Samantha: Oh, shut the fuck up, I’m a hundred and forty.

Samantha: Do you ever think about me?
Friar: I believe that God made the body and it’s perfect in its splendor. But I’m not of my body. My life is about other joys.
Samantha: Well, I remember when Danny had more than one thought, and they all involved going up my ass.


“It is like blowing off some steam,” says one girl friend. True, after a hard day nothing sets you to full relaxation but a good orgasm without the performance part. “Some times women do it because well, their partners just couldn’t get them to do it,” and because some women are too polite to tell their partners that “hey, you are that freaking bad in bed that I had to whack myself out just to get it off,” they would rather do it many times over in the comfort of their own bathrooms or bedrooms.
This got us thinking, if women nowadays are not talking about masturbation, yet do it on a regular basis, do you think that these women in fine paintings have done it at one point or the other? Sure there were no toys during their time, much less electricity, but they still had their hands.
If this were true, meaning they did the deed too back in the day, then this “promotional material” is really nothing new. It is just an affirmation that masturbation is normal. That even the age old “fine” ladies of their time did what all of us have been doing since, well, our sexual awakening. And should we take pleasure in playing with our selves, no matter what the reason, isn’t it about time that we too get our hands on “toys for the big girls,” and not be shamed by it?

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