28 Oct TOILET TALK: How to be Water Efficient



American Standard introduces technological breakthroughs that help save the environment with its line of toilets from the new Acacia Evolution Collection. A key highlight of the Acacia Evolution’s toilet is its revolutionary Double Vortex flushing system, a first in the Philippine market, which maximizes flushing performance and minimizes water usage.
The Double Vortex system flushes 100% of the water at once through two water openings at the top of the bowl, creating two powerful whirlpools that flushes waste away and cleans the entire surface of the ceramic bowl. Its rimless design makes it easy to clean as no dirt can accumulate over time unlike traditional toilets that have many small rim holes that causes stains on the surface of the bowl.
Compared to conventional single-flush toilets, the efficient flushing system saves 3.4 liters of water for half flush and 2 liters for full flush. This equates to approximately 22, 776 liters of water saved in a year for a family of four.
“Excellent design is no longer just about aesthetics. Today, designers require the foresight to construct sustainable living environments for future generations while catering for various lifestyle needs,” said Khumtong Jansuwan, Chief Designer of American Standard Asia Pacific.
The Acacia Evolution toilets also offer total hygiene protection. The seat, cover, and most especially the push button to activate the Double Vortex flushing system, possess anti-bacterial properties that effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. This revolutionary anti-bacterial technology is the first in the industry to adhere to the internationally recognized Japan Industrial Standard (JIS Z 2801:2010).
Lastly, all Acacia Evolution toilets come equipped with Proguard, another innovation from American Standard that inhibits the build-up of water stains making cleaning a breeze. Water stains on ceramic wares are often caused by silica. Silica, which occurs naturally in water, bonds chemically with ceramic surfaces thereby causing water stains. Proguard, which is applied to the ceramics, prevents silica in the water from adhering to the surface.
Combining superior design with innovative technologies, the Acacia Evolution Collection provides total relaxation, maximum utility and environmental sustainability. Apart from the technologically advanced toilets, the collection also includes other ceramic wares such as washbasins and a freestanding bathtub. It also carries a wide selection of sanitary fittings that similarly feature useful innovations to help preserve the environment. Take for example the Acacia Evolution basin mixer, it garnered the Good Design Award 2014, a design evaluation and commendation system in Japan, for its energy and water conservation characteristics.
For more information on the new Acacia Evolution Collection, you may visit www.americanstandard.com.ph or like American Standard Philippines on Facebook.


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