06 Aug The Vagina Dialoges: A Closer Look at the Pekpek



JUAN SAYS: Four hundred women participated in British artist’s Jamie McCarthy’s artwork “The Great Wall of Vagina,” where he casted their genitalia in plaster of Paris (Read full story here). And this (considering that there is a good number of women to men ratio), this caught us by surprise. It isn’t just the number of women who participated in the artwork and the act of agreeing to having their private parts casted that got us taken aback, but upon seeing the masterpiece of errrr vaginas, we couldn’t help but notice the dissimilarities between each one of them. A vagina is a vagina and the functions are all the same. Each one is where women urinate, and just below it is where the miracle of birth happens. But upon looking closely at each cast, we can’t help but exclaim that vaginas aren’t exactly as pretty as we were expecting it to be.
“How do you expect it to look like?” one friend asked. Well, it’s the focal point of sex for men if we are not mistaken. It is the and all and be all of sexual intercourse, and men go crazy about sex. So at the very least it has to look uh, pretty shouldn’t it?
That got us thinking, what is it really with the vajayjays that men go crazy about? Kings abdicate thrones for vajayjays, some men have left their families to be with vajayjays, and some well pay so much for the chance to insert their penises on vajayvays of celebrities. So what is it with vaginas that men go loco about?
We urge you, men and women alike, look at this picture closely, does that look enticing to you?
Would you really get a boner just by looking at it? We don’t know about you but we really think that the vagina is quite ugly to be blunt about it.
A guy friend of ours was kind enough to explain to the girls of JUAN that it isn’t actually the vagina that makes them aroused. Looking at the vagina is really nothing to them. But it is, as he had said: “our imagination. The thought of inserting our penises on that particular hole is what makes vaginas what it is to us.”
“So if you see a hole then you’d get a boner,” Sisa was quick to retort in a very sarcastic tone. Luckily, our guy friend was patient enough to indulge us with our questions.
The vagina is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body. In our books, it is what makes a woman, a woman. From the very beginning it is the ability to give birth that separates the woman from a man. To us biological women, it is a gift. And as our mothers have explained to us how child birth goes, it is the most painful thing in the world equating the pain to ten bones cracked all at the same time. But a mother forgets the pain once she sees her baby. The vagina is quite sacred (no matter how ugly we see it to be), because it is that very special organ that is instrumental to most cases of child birthing. It is also that part of a woman’s body that gives her much pleasure, when the husband makes love to her.
As we see it from the Wall created by the artist, the vagina is unique to every person. As explained to us by our resident doctor, it is not exactly as unique as a finger print which is assigned to us from child birth. The vagina is very much like our face, it changes its color, shape, form from the wears and tears of use. But unlike our faces, the vagina gets a lot more beating. From sex, the vagina can take much of that animalistic pounding, repeatedly, daily in some cases. Imagine how it can take so much rubbing of skin to skin? Too much friction can cause the skin to break. Got fat thighs? You know what we mean.
And from child birth, the birth canal tears up to give way to a child’s head when it comes out. We really don’t think this needs much explanation because from videos alone (and those really scary birthing videos we were forced to watch in school), you’d know how much trauma a vagina takes at child birth. No, it isn’t even comparable to a figurative asshole tramping over your squishy heart.
So the next time, somebody gives you a complement that you, a woman of great mind and power, have balls. Smile back and say, “no, sorry. I got a Vagina!” You’ve got a pekpek. Be proud.


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