16 Aug The National Photobomber: Won’t this cause an uproar too?



JUAN SAYS: This is in response to Atty. Victor Lazatin’s statement on the Torre de Manila which we found to be really absurd. We found this article on facebook, and just like the others who have cried for the demolition of the Torre de Manila, we too support this cause. Minsan alam naman natin ang tama at mali, nagmamaang-maangan pa tayo. Minsan alam naman natin ang pangit sa maganda, nagbubulagbulagan tayo. What if we put the Torre beside other heritage sites around the world, wouldn’t this cause panic and uproar amongst its citizens too?


José Rizal was a Freemason and is the national hero of the Philippines. The bronze-and-granite Rizal monument in Manila is among the most famous sculptural landmarks in the country. Located on the monument is not merely the statue of the national hero, but also his remains. Five generations of FIlipinos revered the monument as a cultural icon, now its line of sight is marred by an eyesore of a building – the controversial Torre De Manila.
In 2012, construction of ‘Torre De Manila’ began. As of June 2015, despite widespread outcry from the general public, the building is almost complete and 90% sold. The disagreement between the developers and the public is now being argued at the Supreme Court.
The lawyer representing the developer made a remark that led me to create this album of photoshopped images. I do not own the rights to any of these photos. I am dedicating this album to the flawless logic of Attorney Victor Lazatin when it comes to how cultural icons and historic monuments must be treated.
I want to thank Carlos Celdran for being the first to bring this ignorant act to light. Keep up the good fight! You got us behind your back!
– J. Paul Gomez, 
FraternalTies Founder
‪#‎FraternalTies supports Knights of Rizal and Philippine Freemasonry’s ‪#‎DemolishTorreDeManila

We took the liberty of adding our own versions to the set of pictures to air our sentiments regarding this issue and the statement of Atty. Lazatin.
JUAN SAYS: We are hoping to include the Torre de Manila in the next installment of Avatar. Both their stories are similar — they are building a whole new world out there!
JUAN SAYS: We think that Torre de Manila is best placed on the moon! Bagay dun ang mga developer, less gravity, kasi medyo lutang ang utak nila! 

JUAN SAYS: Sa Atlantica na lang kaya (in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”)? – ‘Coz they’re so powerful they can photobomb wherever, even Disney. But we think they belong here. Para malunod na!


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