12 Nov The Intense ‘War on Christmas’ Waged by Starbucks



JUAN SAYS: American “Christians” are going crazy over the cups of Starbucks. They are saying that Starbucks is waging a war on Christmas and that the company does not want to acknowledge Christ with the lack of snowflakes and other Christmas-y designs found in old Starbucks Holiday cups. We are just glad that Filipinos are not dumb enough to wage the same war here in our country. Again, it is just a cup. I am sure, the man in question – the great Jesus Christ, wouldn’t even care about those cups. Seriously people. Seriously.



This morning I saw something on The Today Show that absolutely blew my brain. Apparently Starbucks has redesigned the look of their annual holiday cup and people are up in arms over the change. Like, REALLY up in arms. As in folks are so furious that it’s become national news.


Over a cup?

I guess these stiffs are angry because they feel this year’s cup doesn’t accurately represent the holiday season. Gone are the snowflakes, snowmen, and mistletoe from years past and in their place is a simple red cup with a green Starbucks logo. As a result, Starbucks now stands accused of waging a war on Christmas.






We’ve got ISIS planting on bombs on passenger planes, children being sold into sexual slavery, millions of Syrian refugees wondering where their next meal will come from and you folks are screaming about a cup?

If that isn’t absurd, I don’t know what is.

Tell me something…

How does this even begin to compare to the REAL problems we face? Like the single mother who struggles to put food on her table? Or the grief-stricken father who’s losing his son to cancer?

There’s absolutely NO comparison.

And it’s only because your life is so blessed and carefree that you even have the luxury of getting your Rudolph the Reindeer knickers in a twist over something so petty. So Starbucks redesigned their cup with a minimalist theme. So what? It’s not a war on Christmas, an assault on your belief system or an attack on traditional values. It’s a cup. Plain and simple.

So here’s a thought for you…

Instead of trying to change the cup, be thankful you can afford the cup. Trust me, the fact that you’re even standing in line at a Starbucks means your life is pretty damn good. So focus on that instead. Life is way too short to get your panties in a wad over something so petty and insignificant.

So now that we’re clear, won’t you join me for a Starbucks coffee with a side of holiday cheer? I certainly hope so. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your shiny red cup.

All the best,

Austin Blood


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