09 Oct Philippine Tatler: Deleted Comments and Fan Art



JUAN SAYS: Sorry, we were wrong. We assumed that Tatler would at least have considered the amount of backlash that their cover would get. However, we have seen Netizens complaining that their comments on the Tatler facebook page have been deleted by Tatler, and we were quite surprised why they would do so. We too have our own facebook page and from the controversial stories we put out daily, we too get some flack from netizens who do not necessarily agree with our points of view. Yet we DO NOT delete those comments. If at all, we would screenshot the comments and publish it in our very own websites.
When you write or publish controversial photos or stories, one must be prepared for hateful comments from a good number of people. Publishers should have studied the landscape of social networking sites and how netizens would react to certain controversial personalities. Apparently, they weren’t ready for that.
Editors, we believe should have the balls to stand up for their stories and for their cover choices. Everyday, the editors of JUAN.com.ph are bracing themselves for backlash. After all, we know that we are not the only ones with strong opinions and we too have to respect the opinions of other people to promote a healthy discussion.
In the spirit of fair play, we would like to re-publish the deleted comments on Tatler’s facebook timeline that was captured by one netizen. We too are publishing fan art that would have landed on the cover of our very own website. Emotions bring out the best in us. These comments could very well be developed into a story. Oh if Tatler were only that ball-sy! Paging Anton San Diego, we would all love to see your balls now. Oooops. Sorry, that didn’t come out well. Oh whatever!
And the deleted comments are as follows:


Facebook Comments