14 Oct Let the COC Battle Begin!



JUAN SAYS: GOD Save the Philippines!
Artwork posted by Mark Chester Obligado
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Please be reminded that this is the Certificate of Candidacy filing (CoC) and NOT the Clash of Clans. We have all been laughing at the series of nuisance candidates that have flocked the Comelec since Monday. Every Tom, Dick and Harry would want to be president. Those who may hear voices from the “divine” are adhering to their respective “callings.” We may find them all amusing, but one must admire the guts of every individual who dared to put out their intentions to lead this country, divine or otherwise. JuiceKoLewd! Paki-kandado naman ang ospital sa Mandaluyong!
Though they have become a source of entertainment for netizens who keep tabs on politicians filing their intent to run for higher office, we can’t help but feel sorry for this country. The political realm is no longer a “calling” to serve the people, but a “career option” for those who want to be rich. Sure every politician would express their desire to serve the people, and every nuisance candidate has the same intention and great ideas (some absurd), but the fact is WHO will actually do the job? Ideas are good. Well meaning intentions are to be embraced. But they remain to be JUST THAT when these very people do not even know how to act on it. The same goes for everything else in life, doesn’t it. Everybody has a great idea. Everybody has a proposed solution to the problem. But who is implementing it? A blessed few who can’t juggle all your ideas and solutions because there are just too many visionaries but only a handful of “executioners.”
This country needs more DOERS than THINKERS. Less talk, more action. But for now, let’s enjoy the damned circus!


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