20 Jan JUAN in focus: photographer Veejay Villafranca’s ‘Signos’



JUAN SAYS: The devastation in the Visayas is far from over. One year hence, it has not fully recovered from the onslaught brought about by Typhoon Ruby. The Pope felt for the people and wanted to do his share in bringing them comfort. Hoping that those in government would feel the same way and bring about the much needed help for rehabilitation of the Visayas. Tabangon nato sila. Ayaw ug pag tan-aw tan-aw, ug pag posing-posing lang. Kasuya na ang inyong mga picture. Wala ma’y tabang na naga-abot sa atong mga igsuon sa Visayas.


Living in Typhoon Country

Source: Medium.com | photos by Veejay Villafranca
Typhoon Ruby hit the Philippines on December 6th, 2014. One million people were evacuated as the storm brewed. Still, by the time the wind and rain had died down, more than 20 were confirmed dead, tens of thousands of homes had been damaged or destroyed, and millions of dollars worth of crops had been ruined.
It will take months to repair the damage, but Ruby was a spring shower compared to last year’s Yolanda which killed more than 6,000 and left millions homeless or displaced.
Photojournalist Veejay Villafranca has been shooting in the Phillipines, his home country, since 2006. His project Signos (where pictures appeared in medium.com/vantage) is an attempt to bring awareness to the lives of refugees after the emergency crews leave and what he sees as an inadequate government response.

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