23 Feb How A Girl Won Papa’s Heart



JUAN SAYS: The lyrics to Beyonce’s song “Run the World,” held true as the Don Papa Art Competition announced this year’s grand prize winner.


Henrielle Pagkaliwangan, 22 years old is the youngest artist from a roster of competitors, was awarded the grand prize for her work “Field Notes for Papa Isio” in pen, ink, and watercolor on canvas. She graduated from the Philippine High School for the Arts in 2011 and graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Fine Arts where she received one of the Outstanding Thesis Awards in 2011. She is also a resident artist of Tin-Aw Gallery, a gallery that traces its roots from the island of Negros.

Henrielle presented a very precise drawing of various objects that showcase natural history similar to prints and illustrations. She lays out the drawings in such a way that it frames the whole artwork in an orderly fashion.

Her drawings tell a story, that of the folktale behind the Masskara Festival. It was said that the festival was a symbol of Negros’ resilience and positive disposition during a time of crisis. The dark story behind the lively festival inspired the groupings of the elements inside the whole work of art. It includes sugarcane and the pests, the rum barrels and glasses representing the production of succulent rum, the beautiful yet endangered species of Negros, and the ornate, smiling, ‘moustached’ Masskaras (in honor of Negros’ unsung hero, Papa Isio) that concealed the difficult past.

Of all the artworks, JUAN believes that Henrielle’s stood out from the rest. It showed order and almost scaled to perfection. It showed the richness of history, the clarity of print-like drawings, and a vibe that is jubilant in a tranquil manner.

Other winners include: the First runner-up Dexter Sy of 1335 Mabini, with his  “Papa Isio,” in mixed media on canvas. Dexter is a seasoned Filipino artist who has had various art expositions both in the Philippines and abroad. The second runner up is John Paul Antido of Pinto Art Museum, with his work entitled “Journey to Paradise Island,” in oil on canvas. John Paul is also an award-winning artist who hails from Antipolo City. He has joined several art competitions and has held various solo and group exhibitions in the Philippines and in other Southeast Asian countries.The People’s choice of the Art Competition was awarded to Ricky Ambagan of Gallery Anna with his work entitled “The Origin of the Black Gold” an acrylic on canvas. The artwork is a modern take on a local story on the search for “black gold” in Negros. Papa Isio, the hero of the story is prominently displayed with colorful images related to him: his Ilonggo lineage, the

The People’s choice of the Art Competition was awarded to Ricky Ambagan of Gallery Anna with his work entitled “The Origin of the Black Gold” an acrylic on canvas.

As the grand prize winner, Pagkaliwangan’s winning artwork will be the visual basis of Don Papa Rum’s limited edition Art Canister Series, which will be released in the Philippines and internationally for the Holidays 2017. This year, it will only be Henrielle’s work that will grace the art canisters of Don Papa Rum.

Henrielle will also be granted a four (4) week Artistic Sojourn in Florence, Italy, complete with airfare and accommodations, allowances and an artistic immersion to key locations, courtesy of Bleeding Heart Rum Company, the makers of Don Papa Rum. Tin-Aw Gallery will also receive a round trip ticket to Florence, Italy.

So “Who run the world?” the song still echoes in our ears as we wrote this piece. GIRLS. GIRLS. GIRLS. Cheers Henrielle!

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