11 Jul Germany is Pissed Off LITERALLY



JUAN SAYS: It is not just us, the Philippines, that has this stinking problem. We are guessing that Germany got it worse for them to consider this rather “in your face” solution to the urinating problems that Hamburg, Germany is having. It’s Friday night and many men are drunk, they need to piss, just like a dog, they’ve decided to do the deed on a wall.
If former MMDA chair thought that the best solution to the pee problems is to have pink urinals along the streets of Metro manila (which honestly didn’t solve the problem because uh… it still stinks and at that time worse than ever), Germany thought of a more brilliant solution. Please do not run off with your imagination thinking that they have installed automatic tampon remover with heat sensors on the streets (yeah yanking the dick out once it gets out of the pants, that’s what we are talking about). Germany is considering designing their walls that would repel your piss and squirt it directly back to you.
Now that’s a good one. Oh wait, on second thought, we still think that our yanking dick idea is sooo much better and funnier. Hahaha.
Story source: City Walls Designed To Crack Down On Public Urination


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